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Hockey Romance, Yes Please!

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Blocked - Elise Faber

I love sports romance books & Blocked was a great addition to that genre! I absolutely adored the premise, a female goalie getting a shot at her dream of playing in the NHL. I am a huge hockey (& sports) fan, so I loved the seamless sports aspects that were ingeniously weaved into the romance & suspense aspects of the story.

I really adored the characters in this story; we are introduced to Brit Plantain, a female goalie who has been working her way through the ranks of minor league teams for a few years until she finally gets her big break and is recruited as a backup goalie for a new expansion NHL team the San Francisco Gold. The Gold have had some trouble in the last couple of years as a new team, and scandal has plagued its success, or lack there of. The team's new captain for this season, Stefan Barie, has decided that he will work hard to bring his team together and try his best to make the new team a viable success. Of course, bringing a female into the clubhouse is going to cause some media hype, that the team could use to help them in the tough SF market, as well as with the players. Stefan is eager to help Brit integrate, but she seems to have it under control, as she's had a few years of experience on how to break the ice with a room full of men.

The secondary characters are absolutely perfect and they really round out this story, even the evil mischievous ones. Whom some of them were responsible for throwing the wrench that spurred some of the crazy into the mix. Especially when management forced Brit and Stefan together for publicity, but of course their attraction for each other happens to be so damn real that neither of them can control themselves. Which then causes some real locker room drama! The story and the romance is perfect, steamy and hot! But as the deceit plays out, it blows up in all their faces as something like this usually does.

The story continues to grow and unfold and I just love the twists that are thrown at the readers. This story has it all, wit, romance, deception and sports camaraderie. I really wanted more of this rag tag group of hockey players and I can't wait for book 2!

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1539382309